Customized Solution

Contract staffing / Permanent recruit

We at SKY Global Careers have a team of dedicated professional recruiters from Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical and Energy Industries understand the industries’ requirements. We are specialized in providing contract or temporary staffing with top industrial knowledge and experience at a very short notice. Our global reach among the industry executives through our industry network “Alchemy Network” helps us to provide impeccable staffing.

We ensure candidates with personality that to match, synchronize, build and lead with the current team of a company. We precisely select a candidate with matching skill sets, experience and knowledge for the optimum performance and delivery of KPI’s of the role.

Head hunting

SKY Global Careers realize that every new position should catalyze the growth of a company. It is just not filling a position but also to synchronize the powers of human capital and to ensure growth in an organization.

We closely work with employers, understanding the strategic hiring, current manpower, growth needs, defining the perimeters of a search, identifying the targets/top talents at mid to top level of other organizations, making an approach to the selected targets, understanding candidate’s personal Pull/Push factors, managing and preparing clients’ and candidates’ expectations and brokering of an employment contract – covering package / title / KPIs etc. SKY Global specialize in headhunting in Petrochemical, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum and Energy Industries.

Background screening services

When you bring a new employee into any organization to fill a key role, the organization is exposed to risk. The business is exposed, as are the stakeholders, investors, clients, current employees and suppliers. To operate successfully, one need to minimise that risk. The key to minimizing that risk is information. It’s not enough to take an application or CV at face value. The employer need to undertake a thorough and comprehensive background check to put themselves in the best possible position when they make a hiring decision.

SKY Global Careers specializes in providing businesses with in-depth, impartial information on a candidate’s background and qualifications. All of our screening services are performed in accordance with tried and tested processes, and everything we do is subject to numerous quality controls. That means that every piece of information we provide is completely accurate, allowing you to make recruitment decisions with confidence.

Under employment Background Screening we cover:

  • Criminal Records Checks
  • Employment History Verification
  • Credit History Checks
  • Academic Verification
  • ID Document Checks
  • Professional Qualifications and Membership Verification
  • Financial Regulatory Checks
  • Directorships